Raw Food Chef & Herbalist

Herbalist & Raw food chef Chantel Selman

Chantel Selman is one of the earliest leading living food chefs in the Caribbean, who is at the forefront of the new plant-based cuisine movement. Also, an Iridologist & Herbalist, her vision is to re-introduce the incredible power of our plant resources of the Caribbean to the world. Chantel Selman graduated from the Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, then studied under Master Chef Aris Latham 18 years ago in Jamaica. Growing up on the south coast of Barbados surrounded by her elders, she was able to gain intimate knowledge of local seasonings, herbs, and colorful rhythms of people. She brings that terroir of the Caribbean through her cuisine. She conducts innovative workshops and presentations throughout the Caribbean & Toronto. She has been featured in many local and international magazines; seen on television and has currently hosted her own radio show for the past 12 years. When Chantel is not creating a new recipe, she is scuba diving, hiking, and relaxing at home with a good book.

Covering Trending Topics

  • Mycology

    Learn about different Culinary and Medicinal mushrooms. How to use medicinal mushrooms in your herbal preparations. Learn about mycology extraction techniques, to obtain good tasting blends and teas. Culinary preparations and trending Mycology Medica.

  • Endocannabinoid

    The Endocannabinoid System was discovered using synthetic THC to identify the receptors in the body. The ECS has been found to be the largest signaling system in the body, modulating virtually every other system in some fashion.

  • Herbal Elixir

    An exciting blend of Herbal and Nutritional super foods to create natural food medicine

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  • Will I lose weight in these 7 weeks?

    YES! for those who are ready to lose weight, be healthy and have the plan to follow.

  • Can I reverse my Diabetes with this protocol?

    This protocol is tailor-made for diabetics. Following through with me in an Iridology Consultation will personalize it to your overall needs.

  • How safe is it to use the Herbs recommeded in this program.

    The Herbs I invite you to use daily are complimentary to this total program. I go deeper into the Traditional usage.